Custom Tissue Paper

Smart packaging decisions have become more and more important with the advent of the digital age, as more businesses have begun to sell online it is imperative to have packaging that will stand out. The packaging must of course protect the product while still showcasing the brand. Custom packaging accomplishes both of these objectives. However, this use of custom packaging then spawns the question of whether or not the packaging can be sustainable, and it can be depending on the materials used.

Custom tissue paper is a good option that protects the product, showcases the brand, and is very sustainable. The tissue paper starts off with 30% recycled material, the remaining 70% is an acid-free pulp that is harvested from managed forests. Together they form a paper that is soft and smooth as well as being both lingnin and sulfur-free.

There are two different thicknesses available when it comes to custom tissue paper. For designs using just one color, a thinner sheet is sheer and semi-transparent like most other tissue papers. For designs requiring two colors a thicker sheet is used. This thicker sheet retains more ink, so it keeps color depth and richness while still being soft and semi-translucent. These materials provide a fabulous look and an amazing feel while still being environmentally and economically sensible.

Soy-based ink is used for the printing process, and as it is a natural compound it makes recycling the paper when customers are finished even easier. Also, because it is a natural product it is more environmentally friendly from the get-go. In addition, there is evidence that the soy-based inks match the digital files more accurately and they have more vibrancy and depth.

This custom tissue paper is designed to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This is because it is made from both eco-friendly and recycled materials. This in turn makes reclaiming the individual parts during the recycling process even easier.

Creating custom tissue paper is a very easy process, it is quick and simple to create using the online tools that are readily available. The tissue paper will astound customers and will panic the competition. All that is needed to get started is a logo or design and a bit of imagination to create a personalized piece of custom tissue paper. A pre-made pattern can be chosen and by using different angles and sizes a completely individualized final product can be made in a quick and easy process.

Two colors can be chosen, one for the logo and the other for the background, as long as the background color is desired. Sheet size and quantity selection are the next steps in the process, (the minimum order is 250 sheets), but the more that is bought the more money that is saved. For small or homemade items, the smallest sheets will most likely be appropriate. Larger paper is naturally better suited for larger items, however, larger sheets can be of course cut into smaller ones to wrap small items just as well as using the smaller sheets.